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Moonlight Dreams
The Les Reynolds Review

Ontario singer-songwriter Nonie Crete brings Ireland right to your doorstep with her newest release, "Moonlight Dreams."

Her sweet, rich voice, acoustic guitar and passionate harmonica give each tune a vivid, emotional texture complemented by the storytelling writing of Eugene O'Neill. Backed by a host of talented musicians, this CD sounds very good indeed.

Of course, the most obvious instruments featured are the fiddle (Scott Woods), Nonie's acoustic guitar and several instruments played by the multi-talented Bob Robb -- most notably mandolin and dobro.

Speaking of Robb, he is featured as the gravelly-voiced main character on the opener "Yonge St. Bum" which is an up-tempo tune about a beggar. The storytelling style (this tune writen by Nonie) is so well done it's almost too easy to gloss over the sadness of the man's condition:

"One mid-March day on Yonge Street, a bum was sitting there, A blanked 'round his shoulders, and long dirty hair... 'Well, I calls meself Saint Paddy, but that depends on my state of mind.

I lost my shirt in Vegas each and every single dime... So I chose to be a junkie, a begger and a whore. They told me that was the quickest way to get to heaven's door..." (Still wanna dance to that fiddle tune?)

There are some slow, sort of melancholy tunes, as well. "Give Us Peace," is a swaying, poignant tune about violence (one can assume Northern Ireland) where Nonie's vocals really shine and Gary Kreller's accordion adds a nice touch.

There are other nice reels, including: "Twiddlin' Her Fingers & Twiddlin' Her Thumbs" and "Johnny Kept Me Dancing."

The best tune on the entire CD "Ghost Train," features great fast piano by Don Lee, a haunting melody and a great dobro by Bob Robb. Along with Nonie's full and rich vocal, the tune has a sense of urgency about it. "Sixty nine came from nowhere, the carnage and the pain. Our young lives changed overnight, they'd never be the same. They told us all of Connely of Pierce and a man called Tone. How they had fought to free us and make Ireland our own... Their souls ride on the ghost train for happiness was there Their simple childish little smiles for none of us had a care."

Nonie Crete brings the real world to you -- not in a newspaper, but in song. And does it well!

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